Thu 18 Feb 2021 19:54

Further to my update, at the online meeting on Feb 4th, I regret to tell you that we have been informed that our application for CIL Neighbourhood funding of £190k from Havant Borough Council (HBC) will not be considered at the final decision meeting next week. 

We had grounds to be cautiously optimistic and we did meet eight of the nine assessment criteria. However, the HBC Cabinet decided to pre-allocate the available funds (understood to be ~£500k) into 3 geographic areas;- ‘Havant as a whole’, West of the A3(M) and Coastal communities (Hayling Island and Emsworth). 

‘Havant as a whole’, into which our application fell, was only allocated £125k total, so our application was rejected on the ninth criteria of insufficient funds being available.

This is bitterly disappointing as we will now have to delay another year and apply again in November, when we hope that the main CIL scheme will have resumed with a higher level of available funding.

The detailed design work and planning application, which are funded by HBC, will continue to get us into a better position to proceed when funds become available again. We are also hoping that Sport England may also resume financial support for this type of project by then.

In the short term we are now exploring if there is anything that might be done to Pitch 2 which could breathe a season’s life into it. However, based on all the discussions to date I remain doubtful that this could be achieved without incurring a substantial cost. But we will be asking the contractors (both private and Norse) if and how they might achieve it. We shall also explore if there is any opportunity to take advantage of any sponsorship ‘in kind’ to reduce costs.

As an alternative we will also explore with the RFU the extension of our core hours, we would probably have to pay the going rate, but it could result in a lower ‘out of pocket’ cost to the club to get the equivalent pitch time.


Gordon Brember - Dir. H&G

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