Fri 03 Jul 2020 22:41

Hello! Its back to the bar we go!

The membership responded magnificently to the darkest days of lock down by running  brilliant on-line events, making donations, topping up loyalty cards, giving time to mow the grass and brush the AGP, carrying out those much-needed fixtures and fittings maintenance jobs and of course maintaining social media contact across all aspects of the club.

Thankfully we are beginning to see a gradual relaxation in lockdown regulations from the Government and we can think of no better place to celebrate this - and what we achieved in the face of the pandemic - than at our very own club!

In line with Government guidelines the Clubhouse and bar will re-open on Saturday 11th July from noon until 6pm. Going forward the club will also be open on Sunday (again between noon and 6pm)

A comprehensive range of drinks and bar snacks will be available along with plenty of hand sanitising stations but for the time being the kitchen remains closed.


We will be monitoring Government guidelines closely and as soon as we are allowed, we will be looking to extend these hours. 


As we have limited restrictions on numbers that can enter the club, we are advising you to book a place using this link, this will guarantee your space. You can book either 12-3, or 3-6 or for a full day 12 – 6. Alternatively, please email to reserve your place. 


We would appreciate a few volunteers to help us get the club ready and to assist on the day.


Prior to the opening we need about 6 volunteers during the week for a deep clean and prepare the clubhouse and another 7 each day when we are open. The support on the day will be 2 bar staff, 2 on table service and 3 marshals for track and trace and door controls. 


Please make contact with Paddy or Alan on  to volunteer.

PPE will be provided for all volunteers.

Rules for using the clubhouse and bar

In line with government guidance and following a full risk assessment, the use of the club house is subject to the following rules:

  • Entrance is only through the front door and up the stairs 

  • Everyone who enters the clubhouse must sign in - for potential track and trace purposes.
  • We will introduce a table service option for ordering drinks. 
  • No cash – bank cards and membership/tab cards only. 
  • When ordering drinks at the bar please queue at the bar, place your order, then you will be asked to wait in a collection zone with your order number
  • There is a one-way system through the club for all who visit. This will be clearly signposted and includes a channel for queuing at the bar.
  • Inside the club room there will be a clockwise flow around the room. 
  • Social distancing rules will reduce the numbers in the bar – but there is plenty of room on the stand and the space outside. 
  • When the weather permits, we will put tables and chairs out on the grassed area to the west of the AGP and under the fire escape.
  • Toilets - Only two people are allowed in each toilet at any one time.
    • For people in the bar and on the stand, please use the upstairs toilets, 
    • For those sitting outside the club and the stand please use the downstairs toilets, which must be accessed via the front door and exited via clubroom, following the one-way system
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s adherence to social distancing at all times.  Close supervision will be required.
  • Please note that the authorities can close down the bar if these rules are ignored. 

    It goes without saying - but we are obliged - if you have the slightest inkling that you or a member of your household have COVID-19 symptoms or you are self-isolating on medical, recent travel or "track and trace" grounds, then stay away.

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